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Frequently Asked Questions


 01  Can I rent one of the buildings or the grounds?

Yes! We rent the buildings individually and we rent the entire grounds. We also rent Willis hall for half a day. Contact us for pricing options. 




 02  Why are Friday and Saturday nights at the annual fair more expensive?


It comes down to simple math really. The events on Friday and Saturday nights have a higher cost to bring in and present. Due to the nature of the events our insurance premiums on those days cost us considerably more. I know it is hard to believe but truthfully we rarely make any profit on the fair. After all is said and done and the annual fair is over we are usually around a thousand dollars give or take to our expenses. Keep in mind that the fair board members don't get any of the profit from any event on the grounds. 100% of what comes in is used to improve the grounds and provide services to the people of Madison County. 



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After reading these frequently asked questions do you still have a question?  If so, click here and ask us. 

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